As women get older they are increasingly likely to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Instances of younger women contracting this form of cancer have also increased greatly since the 1970s. Though ovarian cancer diagnoses are far fewer annually in number than breast cancer or cervical cancer, proportionally it kills more than those forms of cancer that receive more coverage in the media and in national cancer campaigns.

Funding for any condition can be based on many things such as susceptibility, annual number of new diagnoses, the aggressive nature of the cancer and the person’s chances of survival. Sometimes though, it is simply about good marketing, which is why some forms of cancer receive less publicity and research money than others seem to receive.

Stephen Gorman set up the Anneline Gorman Memorial Fund following the death of his mother from ovarian cancer in 2013. Determined to raise awareness of the disease, and most importantly to raise funds vital to ongoing research into ovarian cancer, the charity’s mission is to play no small part in providing funding for research. Awareness campaigns and public perception is only half of the battle. Without your donation, we cannot win this fight.

Where Does the Money Go?

The Anneline Gorman Memorial Fund is a charity and 100% of all donations will go directly to the fight against ovarian cancer. Specifically, it is directed mostly to the following researchers and their work:

  • The University of Edinburgh. Professor Charlie Gourley: Professor Gourley treated Anneline Gorman following her ovarian cancer diagnosis. His speciality in gene therapy treatment and chemotherapy is crucial to future developments – he needs your help and support to carry on his work.
  • Imperial College, London. Professor Hani Gabra: A world renowned expert in ovarian cancer, he is the chair of a number of cancer organisations at the forefront of campaigning and research. Recent work includes the study of genes that may suppress the growth of tumours. He too needs funds to continue this work and find a way to fight back against malignant tumours.

Donations will not go exclusively to the above researchers though they are at present the main beneficiaries; other worthy and relevant causes and institutions that are dedicated to ovarian cancer treatment and research are also eligible to receive funding from the Anneline Gorman Memorial Fund.

Researchers around the world like Professors Gourley and Gabra cannot carry out their work and push the boundaries of medical research without your help. Please donate to the Anneline Gorman Memorial Fund and help towards the vital research and development of treatments into this lesser publicised form of cancer.