The Anneline Gorman Memorial Fund is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for research into ovarian cancer – the silent killer. There are many options for direct donation through this website, for further details please see our donations page – it is very easy to make a donation and which will continue to fund the vital work of researchers throughout the UK fighting to improve the lives for women with this terrible disease.

However, we at the Anneline Gorman Memorial Fund also believe that a more proactive approach to raising awareness and funds is important to this work. We understand that people like to get involved, various internet memes of the last few years have proven this, and practical events such as fayres and fetes that people can visit remain popular to British people. People want to see their money at work, to get information on our work and do something practical themselves– events and campaigns can go a long way to achieving the aims of any charity but for a small and growing one such as ours, they can be vital.

Details are still under discussion, but it is the intention of our charity to have at least one event every year for the purpose of raising funds and spreading the message about ourselves, the disease, ongoing research and the progress we are all making towards fighting ovarian cancer.

We are open tor suggestions for upcoming events and if you know of an event in your area that may benefit our work, please use the contact page.

Details on upcoming events to follow.